Big tech is a threat to our privacy and First Amendment rights. Marsha is continuing to go after big tech companies like Facebook, Google and Twitter for censoring free speech and conservative voices, just like when they censored her pro-life ads in the 2018 election. Twitter also banned President Trump from their site completely, setting a dangerous precedent that must be stopped. In the Senate, she is also leading the fight to make certain companies like Snapchat and TikTok do not exploit or steal our children’s privacy.

China lied to the world about COVID-19, destroyed valuable evidence and is responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands of Americans. It is clear the Communist Chinese regime is a threat to the world, which is why Marsha is leading the effort to confront China for its pattern of lies and deception. COVID-19 has reminded us that we rely too heavily on foreign manufacturing, especially when it comes to our active pharmaceutical supplies that are necessary for creating many prescription medications. We must bring our critical supply chains back to the United States. Marsha’s priority in the Senate is to ensure the health and safety of all Americans. She is continuing the fight to make sure China is held responsible for jeopardizing the entire globe’s safety.

In the Tennessee State Senate, Marsha led the fight against the state income tax. In 2017, she proudly voted for President Trump’s tax reform package and will fight to maintain President Trump’s tax cuts moving forward. The Democrats are doing everything in their power to raise taxes on hard-working, tax-paying Americans, and in the Senate, Marsha is fighting against their efforts to raise taxes. She is committed to making our tax code simple, fair, low and permanent. Marsha believes tax policy should encourage job creation, make the American economy competitive globally and allow taxpayers to keep more of their hard-earned money.

Marsha knows the best way to create jobs and grow the economy is to get government out of the way and let small business owners do what they do best – innovate and create new jobs. Tennessee has one of the best economies in the nation, a direct result of our conservative Tennessee values. Marsha fought alongside President Trump to significantly reduce regulations, and she continues the fight to cut bureaucratic red tape. As we recover from the coronavirus pandemic, she is committed to supporting a limited government, and with all Tennesseans coming together, our businesses and economy will continue to grow stronger. In the Senate, Marsha continues to work to cut taxes, promote free markets and control government spending.

One of the Senate’s most important responsibilities is to confirm strict constitutionalist justices and judges to the Supreme Court and federal bench. We need judges who will uphold the Constitution, not legislate from the bench. Tennesseans are sick of liberal activist judges. As a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Marsha works hard to continue the good work accomplished by the Senate and President Trump to nominate and confirm strict constitutionalist judges and justices. She fervently opposes Democrats’ efforts to pack the court.

Tennesseans are fortunate to have dedicated public servants in their law enforcement officers. These brave men and women don’t need the federal government to tell them how to do their jobs, and they most certainly don’t need backlash from Democrats working to defund them. Marsha regularly meets with members of our law enforcement community to ensure they have the tools they need. She will always fight to ensure they have the necessary resources, and she is working hand in hand with them to keep Tennesseans safe. We must support our brave men and women in blue. Marsha will not allow radical left-wing politicians to defund the police, which is why she has earned support from law enforcement officers across the state.

Marsha is 100 percent pro-life. She has been a leader in the fight against the horrors of abortion for years and has always fought to ban late-term abortions. She also chaired the House panel that investigated the sale of baby body parts, which resulted in 15 criminal referrals. In the Senate, she continues to be a voice for the voiceless. Marsha has supported pro-life legislation to help end the federal funding of abortions and to stop the use of human embryos for stem cell research. In 2018, she was endorsed by SBA List and National Right to Life.

The first charge of the Constitution is to provide for the national defense, and Marsha takes that responsibility seriously. She knows the United States must be strong enough to prevent countries like Russia, China, North Korea and Iran from pushing us and our allies around. We need to draw firm lines and show them that America is not to be trifled with. Our men and women in the military fight constant and evolving threats and they must have the resources they need to keep us safe. Marsha helped secure our troops the highest pay increase in almost a decade. Our promise to them does not end when they return home, and she is continuing to fight to take care of those who have taken care of us.

America is blessed with the greatest fighting force in the world, and Marsha deeply appreciates our servicemen and women and their families. When Fort Campbell was at risk of losing 20,000 members, she fought for them and secured vital funding to keep their training and maintenance programs for the 101st Airborne fully funded. She is committed to improving the welfare and quality of life for our veterans and their families, our active-duty military members and their spouses, which includes everything from vocational training to medical care to addressing homelessness. Marsha has been endorsed by more than 1,000 Tennessee veterans, and in the Senate, she continues to fight for our veterans on the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs. Marsha is committed to ensuring we keep our promises to those who fought to defend our freedoms.

As a mother and a grandmother, Marsha is gravely concerned about the opioid crisis. In Tennessee alone, at least three people die from an opioid-related overdose each day. In the State Senate, Marsha fought for drug courts and treatment programs, and she partnered with law enforcement and prosecutors to ensure they had the necessary tools. She has introduced legislation to strengthen the federal government’s response by increasing civil and criminal penalties for bad actors and authorizing vital funding. These resources will be used to support evidence-based prevention, enforcement, treatment and recovery programs. She continues to work towards a systemic solution that involves law enforcement taking a tough stance on the distribution of illicit opioids and improves prevention and recovery efforts.

We need to keep up the good work President Trump and his administration did in building a wall to secure our southern border to stem the flow of illegal immigration. Securing the border is not rocket science—it is a matter of political will, and when you voted to send Marsha to the Senate, she vowed to do what it takes to secure the border and protect the rule of law. Marsha is fighting to ensure existing immigration laws are followed, stop sanctuary cities, penalize elected officials who refuse to follow federal law and deport illegal immigrants who commit crimes.

Marsha has consistently supported free trade and recognizes that Tennessee stands to be disproportionately hurt by retaliatory tariffs. Tennesseans want trade that is both free and fair, and our farmers want to expand into additional markets. Tariffs should punish bad actors but should not harm American consumers and manufacturers. She is continuing her work to protect Tennessee manufacturing jobs. In Congress, Marsha voted for the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, which will cut red tape and grant our farmers and small businesses easier access to markets in Canada and Mexico.

Marsha has long been a leader in the fight to stop human trafficking. She worked across the aisle to raise concerns about Google when it was not stopping human trafficking ads. She ensured law enforcement may take actions against morally repugnant websites that facilitate sex trafficking, regardless of the immunity they otherwise enjoy for user-generated content.

Human trafficking is a horrific crime, and it’s even happening here in our backyard. Because of her work, was shut down, and its founder was charged after a lengthy investigation. In the Senate, she continues the fight to stop human trafficking and is not afraid to take on companies like Snap Inc. that perpetuate child tracking.

Marsha believes our government takes too much and spends too much. Just as families across Tennessee balance their budgets, Marsha believes the federal government should too. She knows Washington doesn’t have an income problem; it has a spending problem. Our national debt is a national security concern, and as a mother and a grandmother, Marsha believes it is immoral to pass this debt onto the next generation. She is a committed fiscal conservative and has the track record to prove it, even in tough circumstances. She has been a deficit hawk, and she takes that same steely commitment to the Senate.

Marsha is a firm believer that the Second Amendment is one of our most important freedoms, and she understands the importance of protecting our constitutional right to bear arms. The founders saw the crucial importance of giving citizens the right to protect themselves, and the government must protect that right. We will not allow the radical mob to take away our guns. But Tennesseans know that gun violence is a problem, and Marsha is working with members of both parties to reform the mental health system and evaluate violence in our culture. She is committed to enacting policies that prevent these senseless tragedies while protecting the Second Amendment. She is a proud gun owner and has earned an ‘A’ rating from the NRA.

Lack of reliable internet access is not just an inconvenience, it holds Tennesseans back. Without access to reliable internet, children are unable to complete their homework assignments, and our small businesses are unable to compete on a larger scale. Marsha is leading the fight to bring broadband to rural communities. She is working with members of both parties to make broadband more accessible for rural Tennesseans by closing the digital divide.

Tennesseans know the false promises of a government-controlled system, and they are suffering from the impacts of Obamacare, which made health insurance and health care too expensive to afford. It has driven up the cost of all health insurance and forced 122,000 Tennesseans to pay a penalty. In 2019, the Senate failed on its promise to the American people when it refused to repeal Obamacare, but Marsha remains committed to returning health care to a patient-centered system, where families and doctors can make their own decisions. She is fighting to make health care accessible and affordable for all Tennesseans – unlike Democrats who are working to pass Medicare-For-All, which we all know is health care for none. In the Senate, Marsha is standing up to the Democrats and their relentless efforts to drive up health care costs and put the government in charge of your health care decisions.

Every student in Tennessee should be prepared with skills for life and ready for whatever path they choose. Tennessee is blessed with great teachers, but they are held back by a bureaucratic system that prioritizes national standards and paperwork over student engagement and advancement. The federal government needs to get out of the way and let teachers and state and local officials in Tennessee take the lead. Marsha believes in applying Tennessee conservative, common-sense approaches to education, including expanding school choice, increasing charter school options, making homeschooling easier and supporting state and local control of education. She is fighting to make sure education money actually goes to the classroom instead of being spent on administrators and bureaucrats.

When it comes to our highways, Marsha believes we must restructure the way federal highway projects are selected, maintained and regulated. She supported President Trump’s plan to rebuild our nation’s crumbling infrastructure, and she continues to advocate for Tennessee’s roadways.

Like you, Marsha was frustrated by Congress’ unwillingness to work with President Trump. Tennesseans sent President Trump to the White House to drain the swamp, put strict constitutionalists on the federal bench and Supreme Court, protect our nation’s security, curb our out of control federal spending, stop big tech, build the wall and strengthen our relationship with allies like Israel. In the Senate, Marsha will continue to fight for the America First agenda.