The first charge of the Constitution is to provide for the national defense, and Marsha takes that responsibility seriously. She knows the United States must be strong enough to prevent countries like Russia, China, and North Korea from pushing us and our allies around. We need to draw firm lines and show them that America is not to be trifled with. Our men and women in military fight constant and evolving threats, and they must have the resources they need to keep us safe. Marsha supported a 2.6 percent pay raise for our troops – that’s the highest increase in nine years. When Fort Campbell nearly lost vital funding, she fought for them and helped keep their training and maintenance programs for the 101st Airborne fully funded. Our promise to them does not end when they return home, and she will continue to fight to take care of those who have taken care of us.

America is blessed with the greatest fighting force in the world, and Marsha deeply appreciates our servicemen and women and their families. When Fort Campbell was at risk of losing 20,000 people, she fought for them and secured vital funding to keep their training and maintenance programs for the 101st Airborne fully funded. She is fully committed to improving the welfare and quality of life for our veterans and their families, our active duty military, and their spouses, which includes everything from vocational training to medical care to addressing homelessness. Marsha has been endorsed by more than 1,000 Tennessee veterans, and in the Senate, she will continue to fight for our veterans to make sure we keep our promises to those who fought to defend our freedoms.

In the Tennessee State Senate, Marsha led the fight against the state income tax. Last year, she proudly voted for President Trump’s tax reform package and will fight to maintain President Trump’s tax cuts moving forward. While last year’s tax reform is a major step forward, we have more work to do. She will continue to make our tax code simple, fair, low, and permanent. Marsha believes tax policy should encourage job creation, make the American economy competitive globally, and allow taxpayers to keep more of their hard-earned money.

Marsha knows the best way to create jobs and grow the economy is to get government out of the way and let small business owners do what they do best – innovate and create new jobs. She fought alongside President Trump to significantly reduce regulations last year. These significant cuts in bureaucratic regulations have led to the economic turnaround we are experiencing now. She will continue to work to cut taxes, promote free markets, and control government spending.

One of the Senate’s most important responsibilities is confirming strict constitutionalist justices to the Supreme Court and federal judges to the bench. We need judges who will uphold the Constitution, not legislate from the bench. Tennesseans are sick of liberal activist judges, and as your next Senator, Marsha will vote to confirm President Trump’s strict constitutionalist nominees.

As a mother and a grandmother, Marsha is gravely concerned about the opioid crisis. In Tennessee alone, at least three people die from an opioid-related overdose each day. In the State Senate, Marsha fought for drug courts and treatment programs, and she partnered with law enforcement and prosecutors to ensure they had the necessary tools. She recently introduced legislation to strengthen the federal government’s response, by increasing civil and criminal penalties for bad actors and authorizing vital funding. These resources will be used to support evidence-based prevention, enforcement, treatment, and recovery programs. She will continue to work towards a systemic solution that involves law enforcement taking a tough stance on the distribution of illicit opioids and improves prevention and recovery efforts.