Fighting Human Trafficking

Marsha’s Work To Stop Human Trafficking

  • Back in 2012, she worked across the aisle to raise concerns with Google that it was not stopping human trafficking ads. Read More >>
  • She cosponsored legislation to clarify that law enforcement may take actions against morally repugnant websites that facilitate human trafficking, regardless of the immunity they otherwise enjoy for user-generated content. Read More >>
  • Marsha was one of the first leaders to raise concerns about She spoke out about it and began drawing attention to the issue in 2015. Read More >>
  • was shut down earlier this year, and its founder was charged after a lengthy investigation. Read More >>
  • In the Senate, she will continue to work to put an end to human trafficking. Read More >>

Congress must stop sex trafficking on the internet
By Marsha Blackburn
The Tennessean

Recently in Brentwood, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) arrested 22 men for soliciting sex with a minor through

This was the 11th sting conducted by the TBI since 2015. This activity is beyond reprehensible, and the internet has only made it easier for sex traffickers to operate in the shadows.

We must act legislatively to give law enforcement the tools they need to protect children. […]

Brentwood Human Trafficking

  • The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation announced a “fairly significant” undercover human trafficking sting conducted in Brentwood in October that resulted in felony indictments for 22 men who believed they were meeting with minors for sex.
  • Two female TBI agents posed as 14 and 16-year old girls in early October, offering sex on
  • This was the 11th sting conducted by the TBI since 2015.