BREITBART – Blackburn: ‘Thin Blue Line Is Vitally Important’

By Trent Baker

With unrest still ongoing across the country as many Democrats push to defund the police, Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) on Tuesday stressed the importance of law enforcement.

Blackburn on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom” called the violent protests seen in the major cities “very sad” and “deeply troubling.” She added that police are “vitally important” and accused Democrats of wanting police-community relations to be an ongoing “issue” in the country rather than working on a solution.

“[T]hat thin blue line is vitally important,” Blackburn emphasized as she called for additional training, better standards, and testing in police reform.

“I was so surprised they did not stand against rioting and looting and violence and say let’s come together and work on this issue,” she said of last week’s Democratic National Convention. “But you know you have to remember when [Senator] Tim Scott brought his police reform bill forward, what did the Democrats do? They left the room because they want the issue, not the solution. And President Trump is committed to the solution. This is why he did the sentencing and the criminal justice reform. This is why you’ve seen him be so given and why are there are so many individuals and leaders in communities of color that are saying we want a seat at the table, we want to solve this problem, we want to make certain that there is respect given from individual to individual equally … but we need that protection.”

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