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Blackburn is a clear choice for Senate Blackburn is a clear choice for Senate

By Hank Rotter As featured in the Williamson Herald July 12, 2018 President Trump has already placed the phenomenal Justice Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court, and he is faithfully upholding his oath to protect the Constitution. He will likely even go down in history as one of the greatest Supreme Court justices there has […]

The Washington Times: Why ICE must not be abolished

By Marsha Blackburn July 12, 2018 Kate Steinle was shot and killed on a San Francisco pier three years ago this month. Her death came at the hands of an illegal alien who had been previously deported five times and was a convicted felon. It also ignited a national discussion about sanctuary city policies that […]

Blackburn needed for strong economy

By Jordan Adams As featured in the Tennessean July 5, 2018 I’m supporting Marsha Blackburn because I know she’s the best person to represent Tennesseans in the Senate. Since President Trump was elected, Democrats have only been focused on resisting the president’s agenda and ousting conservatives from office. It is currently in the best interests […]


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