News Channel 5: Former President Trump was convicted. Here’s what Tennessee leaders think.

News Channel 5

By Emily West

May 30, 2024

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — Tennessee lawmakers — particularly its Congressional Senators — have spoken out about former President Donald Trump’s verdict, where a jury found him guilty of 34 felony counts.

Trump is the first president to be convicted of a felony.

His sentencing is July 11, four days before the Republican National Convention. Last year, Nashville’s Metro Council didn’t approve the convention coming to downtown. The convention will be held in Milwaukee.

We have reached out to Gov. Bill Lee, House Speaker Cameron Sexton, Lt. Gov. Randy McNally, Nashville’s Congressional House delegation and the Tennessee Republican Party.

Here’s who we have heard from so far.

Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Brentwood

There was no way President Donald Trump was going to get a fair trial in New York City with:
– A liberal DA who campaigned on targeting Trump.
– A partisan judge who has donated to Joe Biden.
– A prosecutor who is a former Biden DOJ official and consultant for the DNC.

Total witch hunt.

She additionally tweeted: WITCH HUNT!

These statements came from Sen. Blackburn’s campaign Twitter/X account.

Sen. Bill Hagerty, R-Davidson County

Americans deserve a President whose idea of justice is safer communities and secure borders, not weaponizing the justice system against the opposing candidate to distract them from his failed record.

Dark day for American democracy.

This statement has come from Sen. Bill Hargerty’s Twitter/X account.

Rep. Mark Green, R-Ashland City

Today’s verdict is only further evidence that this attack against President Trump is purely political, with not a shred of legal justification. The American people see this trial for what it is — a political stunt.

His statement was posted on Twitter/X.

Rep. Scott DesJarlais, R-South Pittsburg

The New York Courts continue to pursue cases and reach predetermined verdicts that would never be charged and tried with any other citizen.

 This is political warfare that continues to frustrate and anger so many voters across this country and will likely only serve to solidify and embolden Donald Trump’s supporters.

This statement was sent to our newsroom.

Rep. Tim Burchett, R-Knoxville

I’m not surprised at the verdict, but I’m more than disappointed. This was in a deep blue state, the statute of limitations were changed, and they turned a misdemeanor into a felony to keep him off the campaign trail. We’ll wait on an appeal but this is not the America we once knew.

This was posted on his Twitter/X account.

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee

A politicized justice system does nothing to serve the American people. Voters in Tennessee and across the country recognize this verdict for what it is — a political attack — and they’ll bring a change on Election Day in November.

His statement posted on Twitter/X.

Tennessee Lt. Gov. Randy McNally, R-Oak Ridge

No matter what you think of President Trump, this is a sad day for our nation. A politically motivated prosecution has yielded a politically desired result. A truly horrible precedent. One day even those cheering this verdict will recognize this unavoidable truth.

State Sen. Majority Leader Jack Johnson, R-Franklin

What an incredibly sad day for America. This is what Democrats do to their political enemies.

This statement was placed on his Twitter/X account.

Scott Golden, chairman of the Tennessee Republican Party

This is a sad day for America. Between the actions of a partisan District Attorney, flawed and unproven charges, a trial overseen and influenced by a non-elected judge, a jury pool from one of the most Democrat districts in the Country, and a convicted liar as the star witness, the last month has only served to remind Americans why strong leadership is needed in the White House. Despite today’s events, the American people will issue the final verdict on all of these actions when we elect President Trump on Nov. 5.

The Democrat Party must be held accountable for their continued use of lawfare. It’s time for every conservative Republican to wake up, participate, donate, and get involved because today has reminded us of the stakes of the 2024 election.