Breitbart: Exclusive — Marsha Blackburn: America Will Speak on Donald Trump Verdict on November 5


By Hannah Knudsen

May 31, 2024

Americans will speak on the Trump verdict on November 5, Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) said during an appearance on Breitbart News Daily the day following the Manhattan jury finding former President Donald Trump guilty on all 34 counts in his business records trail.

“The People are going to have their chance to speak on this verdict come November,” Blackburn said, explaining that it is absolutely crucial for Americans to get their neighbors to go out and vote and make their voices heard.

“Last cycle, we heard so much about the 30 million Evangelical Christians who are not registered to vote. They need to get themselves registered, and they need to show up and vote. If they love freedom, if they love opportunity, if they love the American dream, buddy, now is the time to get the rear in gear,” she said.

“So, right now, holding them [Democrats] to account, speaking up, and letting the court of public opinion, letting the people rise up and be We the People, that is where the pressure is going to come from,” she said, noting that the Founding Fathers viewed “the People” with a capital “p.”

“The power is vested with the People. The power is not vested with the government. That is why November 5 is so important. That is why pressure on the Democratic senators and House reps. to see, ‘Do you back Joe Biden and what they have done with weaponizing the government?’ [is so important],” she said, laying out the corruption.

“I mean, think about it, Mike. You have the number three at DOJ leave the Department of Justice and high tail it up to New York to go work with Alvin Bragg and be the lead prosecutor on this campaign. Now, can anybody, with a straight face, look at you and say they had cooked this thing up and decided how they were going to do it?” she asked, adding that they likely predetermined what the verdict would be.

“And then for Joe Biden to go out and say he was going to speak after the verdict came out. Do you think he would have been doing that if he thought Donald Trump was going to be acquitted or that it was going to be a hung jury? Of course not. This was not fair from the beginning. It was a witch hunt,” she said, explaining that Democrats still cannot get over the fact that Trump ruined their plans by defeating Hillary Clinton in 2016.

“Donald Trump disrupted their plans,” she said, adding, “You cannot weaponize the government against an individual.”

“Since the days of the Clinton administration, this administration has become more brazen. They have become more bold. You look at how the Democrats, through the Clinton years — two tiers of justice weaponizing government against opponents. You saw the same thing in Obama — look at what the IRS did to conservative groups during the Obama years. You look at how bold and brazen this administration has been with two tiers of justice, how the Bidens are treated, and then juxtapose that against how the Trumps and conservatives are treated,” she added.