DAILY CALLER: SEN. MARSHA BLACKBURN: Trump’s Conviction Is Our Last Wake-Up Call. Vote Like Your Future Depends On It

Daily Caller

By Senator Marsha Blackburn

June 3, 2024

“I did my job” was Manhattan District Attorney (DA) Alvin Bragg’s response to the verdict against President Donald Trump. What a lie. As an ambitious activist who campaigned on targeting Trump, what he means is that he fulfilled his duty to the Democrats’ top mission. He did exactly what Joe Biden hoped for. 

Today, every American should be frightened by this enormous escalation of the left’s two tiers of justice. They have abandoned the rule of law and shredded the Constitution in a desperate attempt to keep President Trump out of the White House. 

What happened at the Manhattan courthouse is what you’d expect to see in places like Russia, China and North Korea — not the United States of America. The Democrat Party is now the party of corruption and authoritarianism. And while the Biden campaign celebrated and cheered, our democratic republic transformed into a banana republic. 

This is our final wake-up call. Joe Biden has repeatedly promised he would “unite the country,” yet, he has spent the last four years targeting anyone he sees as a political threat. With Biden in the White House, concerned parents are considered domestic terrorists, Catholics are referred to as “violent extremists” and hardworking small businesses are subject to the wrath of an ever-growing IRS.

Now under Biden’s watchful eye, “legal professionals” — a liberal DA who campaigned on targeting Trump, a partisan judge who has donated to the Biden-Harris campaign and whose daughter works for high-profile Democrats and a prosecutor who was a former top Biden DOJ official – have weaponized the justice system to create the outcome they have dreamed about. There was no way Trump was ever going to get a fair trial; it was rigged from the beginning. 

Just imagine: if they can do this to a former President and 2024 Republican nominee for President, what’s stopping them from coming after you? 

For six weeks, judicial activists manufactured a conspiracy that had no basis. That was clear when they imposed an over-restrictive gag order to censor Trump. It was even more clear when their star witness perjurer-in-chief, Michael Cohen, took the stand. And it was blatantly obvious when Judge Merchan instructed the jury that they didn’t have to unanimously agree on which “unlawful means” Trump used to supposedly influence in the election, as long as they all picked at least one. 

Trump’s only crime? Daring to protect our future against Joe Biden. 

The American people deserve better from their justice system. The founders designed a system where politics were to be checked at the door, not used as a weapon against political enemies. The people lost something sacred – a judicial system they can trust, and there’s no going back. 

Accountability should come in full force. As the left was quick to point out, “No one is above the law.” They should find out just how true that statement rings – starting with the DA who orchestrated this and the judge who abetted him. 

Thank goodness Americans see this for what it is: a preordained partisan sham. Now more than ever, they are fed up and motivated to ensure our nation remains free and our justice system remains fair. We’re seeing Americans who never voted for Trump before now flocking to support him because they are justly frightened about what is at stake. 

There is little we can do to stop this lawfare as long as Biden is in office. We know their witch hunt will continue. Biden knows he can’t beat Trump at the ballot box, so he is trying to conduct an election interference scheme. 

When the time comes, we need to vote like our future depends on it – because it does. A New York jury may have fallen for the trap set by DA Bragg this time, but the real verdict will come from the American people November 5th when President Donald Trump becomes the 47th President of the United States.