Senator Blackburn Slams Democrats’ Political Prosecution Of Trump:‘ Un-American Weaponization Of Our Justice System’

Brentwood, TN – U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) today released the following statement on the Democrats’ political prosecution of President Donald Trump:

“Joe Biden and the radical Left have made it clear they will do anything they can to keep President Trump out of the White House, and that ought to frighten every American,” said Senator Blackburn. “There was no way President Trump was going to get a fair trial in New York City with a liberal DA who campaigned on targeting him, a partisan judge who has donated to the Biden-Harris campaign, and a prosecutor who was a paid political consultant for the DNC and former top Biden DOJ official. This is an undemocratic and un-American weaponization of our justice system against Trump, who Joe Biden knows he can’t beat at the ballot box. If they can do this to a former President who will be the 2024 Republican nominee, they can do it to anyone. Today is a sad day for the American justice system and the American people—this is what you’d expect in places like Russia, China and North Korea, but not America.”