RELEASE: Blackburn Releases New Episode Of Freedom Rings Featuring Senator Deb Fischer

June 29, 2021

Brentwood, TN — Today, Senator Marsha Blackburn released a new episode of her podcast, Freedom Rings, featuring Senator Deb Fischer, a barrier-breaking conservative woman leading the fight to preserve freedom in the Senate.

“Senator Fischer has dedicated her life to preserving our American freedom and creating opportunities for all Americans to be successful. As a mother and the daughter of a school teacher, Senator Fischer discusses the work she continues to do to improve our education system so future leaders can achieve the American Dream,” said Senator Marsha Blackburn. “Senator Fischer is no stranger to breaking barriers in order to fight for the needs of Nebraskans. Listen as we discuss how her experience as the first female U.S. Senator elected to a full term for Nebraska has impacted the work she does to protect the treasure that is our American freedom. Be sure to tune into Freedom Rings to learn more about Senator Fischer.”

Listen to the latest episode of Freedom Rings now, featuring Senator Deb Fischer by clicking HERE.

Elected in 2018, Marsha Blackburn serves as Tennessee’s first female United States Senator. Read more about her at