BREITBART – Marsha Blackburn: Joe Biden ‘Powerless’ Against Radical Left’s Demand to Pack Supreme Court

By Charlie Spiering

Sen. Marsha Blackburn on Sunday warned grassroots activists that former Vice President Joe Biden was powerless to prevent the left from trying to pack the Supreme Court if they won in 2020.

“This is not a leader who knows how to make a decision,” Blackburn warned activists in a phone call on Sunday. “He appears to be powerless when it comes to opposing the left.”

Blackburn referred to a recent interview with Biden where he was asked whether voters deserved to know his opinion on court packing before the election.

“No, they don’t,” Biden replied, growing agitated in an interview with Las Vegas reporter Ross DiMattei.

I pressed @JoeBiden on whether he plans to #PackTheCourt if he wins and whether voters deserve an answer to the question. Here’s his response:#Election2020 #Nevada #LasVegas #SupremeCourt @KTNV #VOTE

— Ross DiMattei (@RossDiMattei) October 10, 2020

“Why does he get physically angry anytime a reporter dares to ask him his most basic position on questions that pertain to the three branches of government?” Blackburn asked.

She said that Biden “cannot make a decision of his own” when it comes to court packing, and noted that his running mate Kamala Harris was already open to the suggestion.

Blackburn urged everyone to press Biden and every other Democrat for an answer on the issue of court packing.

“What is the appropriate number of justices for the Supreme Court?” she asked. “If it is nine he needs to say nine. If it is more than nine, then how many?”

Blackburn warned that court packing was just one more example of how the left wanted to change the rules, every time they lost.

“When they lose elections they scream about changing the rules,” she said. “That is what we hear the left doing every day. They talk about their norms and insinuations, but their first strategy is to try and blow up those norms.”

Blackburn ridiculed the left’s talking points that it was actually Republicans who were “politicizing” and “packing” the Supreme Court, when they were actually just fulfilling their Constitutional duty.

“Make no mistake, when they talk about packing the Supreme Court, they are talking about a partisan takeover and overthrow of one of our three branches of government,” she said.

Blackburn spoke to activists ahead of the Senate confirmation hearings for Judge Amy Coney Barrett that are scheduled to begin on Monday.

“Judge Barrett is eminently qualified and we’re going to do our constitutional duty,” she said.

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