RELEASE: Blackburn’s Statement On Trump’s Presidential Debate Victory

September 29, 2020

Brentwood, TN — Following President Donald Trump’s impressive debate victory over Joe Biden, Senator Marsha Blackburn released the following statement: 

“Tonight, we once again saw the Democratic Party’s true colors,” said Senator Marsha Blackburn. “There is no limit to their radical agenda – which includes taking away our Second Amendment rights, allowing open borders, defunding the police, taxpayer-funded abortion, abolishing the Electoral College, giving statehood to Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico, taking away your health insurance and confirming an activist Supreme Court. Make no mistake: Joe Biden and the Washington liberals will pack the courts with activist judges who will legislate their radical agenda from the bench. But President Trump has kept his promise to the American people by putting constitutionalist judges and justices on every level of our courts. Now, he is fulfilling his constitutional duty by nominating Judge Amy Coney Barrett to fill the open seat on the Supreme Court. Washington liberals will stop at nothing to smear Judge Barrett just like they did to Justice Kavanaugh – it’s despicable. This November, the choice is clear. We must defend the foundation of our democracy and the freedoms we hold so dear by re-electing President Donald Trump for four more years.” 

Elected in 2018, Marsha Blackburn serves as Tennessee’s first female United States Senator. Read more about her at