TOWNHALL – Sen. Marsha Blackburn Goes to Bat for America’s Law Enforcement Heroes

By Beth Baumann

Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn joined the Republican National Convention on Wednesday night to talk about the “regular Americans” that are everyday heroes. According to the senator, these Americans volunteer in their free time. Some were even on the frontlines of the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic and others were church members offering prayer for the nation. Her primary focus, however, were the men and women in law enforcement

“But tonight, I want to talk to you about another kind of hero. The kind Democrats don’t recognize, because they don’t fit into their narrative. I’m talking about the heroes of our law enforcement and armed services,” she said. “Leftists try to turn them into villains. They try to ‘cancel’ them. But I’m here to tell you that these heroes can’t be cancelled.”

Blackburn recounted her father’s time in the Army during World War II and then his time as an undersheriff for 30 years.

“I’m reminded of him whenever I see compassion and selflessness in others,” she said. “When I see law enforcement officers put their lives on the line every single day to keep our communities safe, in spite of the hatred thrown at them. When I see the heroes who volunteer to serve our country, putting their lives on the line for our freedom. …The common thread between them is a deep-seated desire to serve a cause larger than themselves. They don’t believe their country owes them anything. They believe they owe their country, and their fellow man.”

“As hard as Democrats try, they can’t cancel our heroes. They can’t contest their bravery, and they can’t dismiss the powerful sense of service that lives deep in their souls. So they try to defund them —our military, our police, even ICE — to take away their tools to keep us safe,” Blackburn said.

She reminded Americans that if Democrats had their way, churchs would never reopen and people would become dependent on government.

“But President Trump has stood up for our heroes every day. He’s stood by our law enforcement, our military, and the freedoms we hold dear,” she said. “He’s made good on his promise to put America first.”

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