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Rep. Marsha Blackburn: Congress and the urgent need to protect infant lives

Friday, January 27th, 2017
By Marsha BlackburnFox News

Every year since 1973, pro-life advocates have come together in their communities all across the country, including here in our nation’s capital, to peacefully demonstrate and stand united in the effort to protect the sanctity of life.

Friday’s March For Life will be especially meaningful and powerful after a painful year of shedding light on the atrocities being committed in the abortion industry against women and unborn babies who are incapable of protecting themselves.

The Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives, which I was honored to Chair, was established in the House in 2015 after undercover videos appeared to reveal that a market had been created to sell baby body parts.

The public was appropriately outraged about the videos and my Republican colleagues and I were not only eager to get to work, but we were determined to get answers for the American people.

We knew it would be an emotionally-tiring investigation but no one. however, could have imagined just how hardened the abortion industry in our country had become.

The yearlong investigation was governed by four categories of federal and state laws:

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