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Hillary’s Stale Economic Plan

Tuesday, July 28th, 2015

Hillary Clinton’s economic policy speech fell flat and her advisors seemed surprised. I’m sure Hillary was surprised, also even though she would be the last to admit it. Her Clinton campaign economic policy seems to be stuck in 1991— the last time Hillary drove herself in a car. It does not understand the entrepreneurial nature of a 21st century economy and the desire of millennials to build the next big app or commercialize the next great concept. It is instead rife with liberal code words, “fair”, “invest”, “share”; all pointed at a government controlled, top down economy.

Yes, Hillary wants you to succeed, but only if it is thru fair growth. She wants you to become wealthy only if you are for higher taxes and wants you to share all your profits. If you have a small business, she wants to mandate you pay a higher minimum wage. She supports the union more than the entrepreneur and wants to force you into higher health insurance costs thru an expanded Affordable Care Act. Her government controlled economic policy also would require a manipulation of capital gains rates to focus on long term growth and require government ‘investment’ into student and jobs training programs so the Government can decide what industry is a winner and what is a loser.

Hillary’s economic policy proves that she is out of step with the 21st century economy. Some have termed it the gig economy. They are frightened that people will choose to work independently, for themselves, independent contractors and not for a corporation. They are baffled that millennials are not securing business licenses from the proper local agency. They are stunned that so many people are not being counted in the monthly stats of the Department of Labor.

Well, times change and cycles run— even in the economy. We in Tennessee are familiar with a gig economy. It is a term of the music industry. You get a gig with a band and you hang with it until it runs out. Then, you go find another one. It is called making a living, being self employed, searching for the American Dream.

Hillary Clinton obviously does not understand the desire of so many Americans to control their own destiny, to be independent and to work for themselves. Working as an independent contractor or being self employed and getting a group of 1099s instead of a W2 at the end of the year is just the way many people like to work. It is called freedom of choice. During this difficult Obama-economy, many hard working Americans have reverted to being an independent contractor and bidding for jobs, taking projects as opposed to regular employment, and, guess what, they have enjoyed the control and flexibility.

So, Hillary, come into the 21st century. Maybe everyone does not want to follow your path and work for a law firm, live in subsidized public housing and be driving around for the past 25 years. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade and that is what has spurred the entrepreneurial, ‘gig’ economy.

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