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Blackburn issues statement regarding Priorities USA Ad

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

Congressman Marsha Blackburn today issued the following statement regarding the Priorities USA Ad:

“The loss of a loved one is always heart-breaking, and I do not doubt the depth of Joe Soptic’s grief. But for his experience to be relived in an attack ad against Mitt Romney is not only disrespectful of the deceased, it’s far over the line.

“The fact that Barack Obama’s allies are airing such a repugnant, deceptive ad proves they’ll stoop to any level to change the subject from the president’s disastrous economic record. It is shameful that President Obama’s team refuses to repudiate this attack, and is even raising money to fund it.

“Barack Obama should call on Priorities USA to take this ad off the air immediately.”

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When Conservatives need a fighter against higher taxes, higher spending, and bigger government, they send Marsha Blackburn. Marsha fights and Marsha doesn't give up, Marsha wins.
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